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Basics Biotin - 30 Capsules

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How it can help with PCOS: Biotin stimulates hair regrowth and reduces hair fall by promoting keratin synthesis. Reduces brittleness by improving the strength and thickness of the nails

Ingredients:  Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, zinc citrate, and natural sources of vitamin E as alpha-tocopherol, vitamin A as beta carotene, and vitamin B7 as biotin

Why use Unived's Basic's Biotin: Unived’s Basics Biotin is packed with bioactive compounds that work on pathways stimulating the development of healthy cells and tissues of hair, skin, and nails. It contains nutraceuticals from vegan sources like vitamin C as ascorbic acid and zinc citrate. The product also includes vitamins from natural sources- Vitamin E (Natural-e) as d-Alpha-Tocopherol from Soya Oilseeds, Vitamin A as Beta Carotene from Blakeslea trispora, Vitamin B7 as Biotin from Sesbania grandiflora leaves.

How to consume: We recommend consuming one capsule daily

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