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Femmegut (Probiotic) (I Month Supply)

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The worlds first unique dose recommended formulation of Alpha Lactalbumin and Chromium.
– Normalises hormonal levels
– Reduces Bloating & Gas Formation
– 100 % natural product without any side effects

How it can help with PCOS : 

► A unique combination of Pre & Probiotic supports overall women's health.

► A complete hormone balancing probiotic supplement Improves Gut Health.

► Reduces bloating and Gas Formation.

► Normalizes hormonal Levels and builds immunity.

► Better digestion and Improves Mood.     

Ingredients: Probiotic 50 Billion , Prebiotic 150 mg , With 20 important strains 
and  power of 1000mcg chromium

How to consume: Consume as per directions of Health Practitioner

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