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How it can help with PCOS : Happy Gut is for anyone who is facing issues like bloating, constipation, belching, sluggishness, and other digestive issues. It’s also a great pick for those with digestive concerns due to stress and anxiety. Although, if you want our personal recommendation, we say, unhappy gut or no, everyone’s guts deserve that extra bit of love and attention.

Ingredients :

Mulethi: Ancient root extensively used in Ayurveda for stomach problems, stimulates bowel movements

Fermented Papaya: Rich in natural fiber, helps combat constipation and maintain good gut health

Guava: Excellent source of dietary fibers, aids healthy bowel movements, and prevents constipation

Triphala: Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, promotes growth of good bacteria and improves overall gut health

Jeera: Contains compounds that promote liver health, stimulates digestive enzymes, helps eliminate toxins from the body

Ginger: Intrinsic part of the Ayurveda system of medicine, known to treat gastric problems, and improve digestion

Ashoka Root: Improves absorption of essential nutrients and promotes digestive health

How to consume  : First thing in the morning is ideal. But you can mix it with your meals, in case of a sensitive stomach.

Pairs well with: Buttermilk, curd, warm water & honey.

Option 1: Mix 1 tsp in warm water (add natural sweetener as per your taste) or fluids of your choice
Option 2: Blend 1 tsp to your juice, smoothie, breakfast bowl
Option 3: Drizzle it over your toast, dosas, salads, etc.

To obtain the best results from the supplements we suggest you consult a health practitioner. Shipping and taxes included.