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Palak Notes

Palak Notes Organic Blood Builder

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How it can help with PCOS : Enriched with organic plant-based iron, ferrous bisglycinate (elemental iron) and palak notes proprietary blend of vitamin C, B12 and folate. Naturally increases iron levels in the body, fights fatigue and gives you beautiful, healthy hair.

Why use  : A completely organic product with organic plant based iron and Palak notes proprietary blend of vitamin C, B12 and folate, a rare combination to be found in iron supplements, makes it stand out from the rest of the iron supplements in the market. We assure great quality and positive health effects.

How to consume  : You can take 1-2 capsules daily, with your meals or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

To obtain the best results from the supplements we suggest you consult a health practitioner. 

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