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How it can help with PCOS :

It is an advanced formula for the management of PCOS which is very common in women. It is useful in reducing acne and the abnormal growth of hair on the face. It is also useful in maintaining healthy weight.

     Why use :  

    • It is useful in managing the symptoms of PCOS
    • It is used to reduce the body's resistance to Insulin and improves Insulin sensitization
    • It supports healthy weight management
    • It is useful in reducing acne and hirsutism, which is the nameof the condition where there is an abnormal amount of hair growing on a woman's face
    • It is useful in improving Ovarian function and quality of the eggs

     Ingredients : Myo-Inositol , D-Chiro Inositol , L-Methylfolate , Vitamin D3 , Chromium Picolinate , Selenium , Zinc Bisglycinate

      How to consume : 

      • One Tablet Twice daily 

        To obtain the best results from  the supplements we suggest you consult a  health practitioner