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Palak Notes

Palak Notes Probiotics & Prebiotic Fiber

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Palak notes: Probiotics & Prebiotic Fiber powder for men, women, and kids with patented lactobacillus coagulans (lactospore) for better gut and immunity: 30 servings

A perfect blend of the essential ingredients in thoughtfully crafted powder form, palak notes Pro and Prebiotics supplement is the new way to keep your gut healthy and immunity boosted. With patented lactobacillus coagulans, acacia fiber hydrolysed Guar gum, inulin, and fos. Easily soluble in yogurt, juices, protein shakes, smoothies, tastes good with even water. Contains sorbitol for further benefits, protection from tooth decay, reduced-calorie count, beneficial for diabetes, etc.

Who Can Take It?

  • Low immunity
  • Mood problems
  • Women with UTI problems
  • Skin problem (Eczema, psoriasis)
  • Cholesterol and Diabetes
  • Obese
  • People With Constipation
  • Diarrhea Problem
  • People With IBS
  • People With Any Digestion Related Problems


Q1: How to use this powder?

This is like one of those supplements which tastes well with almost anything and it surely won't spoil the taste of your food. You can mix this powder in your yogurt, your favorite smoothies, protein shakes, and even the "dals" (pulses) that you eat or simply mix it with water. 

Q2: What are the benefits of this product and what are the uses of prebiotic powder?

This product helps you get rid of constipation, IBS, diarrhea, and other digestion-related problems. Prebiotics act like fertilizers and help your gut bacteria to grow. So, as per me, a supplement advisor, I personally feel that prebiotics are better than probiotics.

Q3:  How is your probiotic powder different from others in the market?

Ours is a patented product that has been specifically designed to surpass your stomach acid and to start colonizing your gut bacteria. It is exceptionally good in treating all digestion-related problems.

Q4: The product claims to provide obesity and insulin resistance, how?

 Two of the main ingredients used in this product are, inulin and FOS which may reduce our calorie intake and also our blood sugar levels. Inulin also reduces our glucose level and insulin after meals in our bodies.

Q5: What is the advised dosage?

5grms in yogurt, juice, smoothie, protein shake, or just plain water, once a day.

Scientific studies:-

Patented Lacto Bacillus Coagulans (Lactorspore)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

 This strain of probiotic is effective to treat IBS and its associated symptoms like abdominal pain and improve quality of life because of its anti-inflammatory property. 

 Treatment for constipation and diarrhea 

 Research results reported that this probiotic helped to treat acute diarrhea in 93.7%, mal-digestion associated diarrhea 85.9%, and constipation 65.4% by controlling abnormal intestinal flora. This probiotic strain is also effective to treat infantile diarrhea. 

 Lipid Profile Management


This probiotic also has a hypolipidemic effect and researchers had shown a 27% reduction of total cholesterol and HDL ratio and 33.4% reduction of LDL and HDL ratio.

 Skin Allergy

Research result reported a combination of topical products, Lactorspore supplementation can decrease eczema and other skin allergies. 

 Improve mental health

 Researchers suggested that this probiotic strain may alleviate depression symptoms by producing certain neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune- and neuropeptides. 

 Acacia Fiber

 Bodyweight management

 Research results reported that consumption of this fiber could prevent weight gain and modulate adipose tissue dysfunction; specifically in diabetic patients along with relieving constipation

 Hydrolyzed Guar Gum

 Alleviate bloating 

 Intake of this dietary fiber improves bloating symptoms associated with IBS. 


Improve bowel movement 

Combination therapy of inulin and hydrolyzed guar gum has protective effects on gut microbiota and improves bowel movement in the constipated patient.


Support friendly gut microbiota 

 This prebiotic supplement improves friendly gut microbiota load and lessens constipation symptoms