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Meraki Essentials

Rosemary Essential Oil (10 ml)

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How it can help with PCOS : Rosemary Essential Oil is known to help relieve mental fatigue, soothe painful muscles and joints, clear respiratory congestion, rejuvenate skin and hair and also help relieve stress. 

It also  helps in :-

• Relaxing tight and overworked muscles
• Rehydrating and toning the skin
• Preventing dandruff

• Relieving fluid retention
• Detoxifying the lymphatic system
Massage/Application on stomach
• Countering Indigestion,
• Relieving flatulence / bloating
• Countering Stomach cramps
• Relieving constipation

Why use  : Meraki Essentials, calls Rosemary the “Rapunzel’s Potion” as it has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean region and now across the world to improve hair quality. It has a woody – herbaceous aroma and is known for its reviving, refreshing and strengthening properties.


To obtain the best results from the supplements we suggest you consult a health practitioner. 

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