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SLEEPOLOGY Advanced Melatonin-Free, Non-Habit Forming NightTime Sleep Support

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How it can help with PCOS : 

  • It is made of non-habit forming Melatonin which helps achieve restful sleep
  • It is useful in reducing anxiety and improving the individual's sleep cycle
  • It does not contain any ingredients that may cause drowsiness during the day
  • It helps in fighting Insomnia, stress and helps relax the mind

 Why use :  Trexgenics Sleepology Sleep Aid Veg Capsules is an advanced sleep aid Melatonin-free formula that utilizes proprietary sleepology blend with premium quality non-habit forming standardized natural sleep inducing herbs which don’t distrupt the sleep cycle and doesnt cause day drowsiness. In addition, it utilizes the most bioavailable form of Magnesium as Magnesium bisglycinate with added relaxation benefits of Glycine. It is useful in maintaining natural sleep cycle without distrubing the natural melatonin hormonal balance. With Sleepology, restful deep sleep is now possible.

 Ingredients : 

  • Chamomile flower extract (1.2% apignenin)
  • Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) extract (3.5% flavonoids as vitexin & isovitexin)
  • Valerian (Valerian officinalis) Root extract (0.8% Valarenic acid)

How to consume : 1 Capsule after dinner or 1-2 hours before bed time upto 2 capsule or as suggested by a healthcare professional.