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Meraki Essentials

Tea Tree Essential Oil (10 ml)

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How it can help with PCOS :

It helps in :-

 • Strengthening weak immune system
• Counters fungal infections
• Countering insect bites and minor abrasions
• Eliminating dandruff and has a warming effect and stimulates the growth of curls
• Healing wounds quickly and protects them from infections
• Stimulating hormone secretions,blood circulation , and immune system
• Eliminating acne

Why use  : Meraki Essentials,calls Tea Tree the “Warrior Potion” as it has powerful anti-bacterial functions against all three infectious organisms: bacteria, viruses and fungi.. Tea tree is said to be the most medicinal of all the essential oils  due to its stimulating properties


To obtain the best results from the supplements we suggest you consult a health practitioner. 

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