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NEAT :That Sassy Thing 2-in-1 Intimate & Body Wash (200ml)

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The only wash you need for your ENTIRE body. 2-in-1: body wash + intimate wash.

An all natural, pH balanced body cleanser formulated with soothing, moisturising and hydrating ingredients that don’t leave the skin dry. Unbalanced soaps and body washes can strip away the skin of its natural oils and cause itches, dryness and inflammation. No harsh foaming agents (less is more!). Made for all skin, including the skin (and hair) around the vulva (external intimate area). It can also be used for funsies in the shower with a partner, or post play.

Newsflash: You don’t need an intimate wash/cleanser as the V is a self-cleansing organ and the external area (along with your entire body) can be washed with Neat.

    Expires In July 2023